Money Talks

The Economy of Iceland over a Drink!

Contemporary Politics, Social Structure and a crash course in the economy of Iceland

This walking tour is perfect for anyone who wants to get an in-depth understanding of how the politics and economy of Iceland work, while enjoying the best local beers. A relaxed, easy-walk with someone who is intimately familiar with the city and Icelandic society, the tour takes you to a few top bars, where we sample some of the best craft beers Iceland has to offer, while answering all the questions you might have about Icelandic politics, economy, history and culture.
This tour does not attempt to visit all the top tourist attractions, but instead aims to explore the ins-and-outs and fascinating quirks of current politics and economic developments in Iceland.
We will answer questions like: What‘s the latest from Parliament? How has booming tourism changed Reykjavík? Why has Iceland become one of the most expensive countries in the world? Why isn’t Iceland in the EU?
About your guide:
Magnús, who grew up in downtown Reykjavík, has a detailed knowledge of Icelandic politics and the economy. He has a long career as a journalist and broadcaster and is currently working as the editor of Iceland Magazine. Magnús has worked on political election campaigns, taught politics, economics and history at Bifröst University and has extensive experience as a tour guide.
His guided tour of the Icelandic financial crash of 2008, Walk the Crash, has received international praise, and was picked by the Guardian as „1 of 10 best Alternative City Tours in Europe“.

  • Price: 3500 ISK
  • Duration 3 hrs.
  • Dates: Flexible
  • Wheelchair Accessible

– Extremely small groups and very personal tour. Max 12ppl per slot.
– Please turn up 5 minutes before to check in with Magnús, your guide.
– No drinks are included in the price, but the bars we stop at will offer special deals.
– We do not encourage excessive consumption of alcohol.

We strongly encourage those who are interested in the Financial Tour to get in touch with us, and request a date. Chances are that we can advertise your preferred time as open for bookings and hopefully will other people jump on the opportunity, guaranteeing us a minimum of 4 people for the tour. Please contact us through here

We start from Hallgrímskirkja the famous church, but then head down the windy streets of Þingholt, mostly for the relaxed atmosphere, rather than the key sights of the city.
Nonetheless we recommend bringing a camera for a few wonderful houses and murals we pass by on the walk.


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Comments from our previous guests

  • Best Tour in Iceland

    I took the “Money Talks” tour with Magnus, and I don’t think I’ve ever had such a great time on a “sightseeing” tour. He took us around to some of his favorite local bars and cafes (a little off the beaten path, so you blend in with the locals!) and lets you ask any and all questions about the economy, politics, and life in Iceland in general. Obviously this tour will appeal to you if you are an economics/politics lover like me, but I feel like the topics were varied enough that even someone who isn’t overly interested in the political climate would have a great time. Magnus was such a great host, and my only wish was that I discovered the tour at the beginning of my time in Reykjavik, instead of on my last day.

    Darmidy G

    19th Sept 2017

    Calgary, Alberta