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The CityWalk enterprise was established in the summer of 2014  but swiftly evolved into a very busy tour operator with more and more guests every month and additional staff every year. Today our main focus is still the “Free” classic tour, a unique free walking tour in Reykjavík which has frequently been featured in blogs, newspapers, TV and other social media. Furthermore, it is rated as the best tour in Iceland in terms of quality and price. Additionally we also run a pubcrawl, a tour on finance and receive various private inquiries. The flourishing company is represented by a team of very welcoming local guides which are highly praised on Tripadvisor for their professional delivery. Our guides are fully aware that they are representing a country, hence we choose our words carefully and show the utmost respect we can to everybody. Whilst still trying to walk the thin line of humor.

Looking forward to seeing you in Iceland!

The CityWalk team

The CityWalk Team

Free City Walk was launched by me, Marteinn (Martin), on may 7th 2014 and I‘m still guiding full time. Occasionally a Private group Tour but usually The “Free” Classic Tour. Eiríkur (Eric) a good trusted friend, backpacking motorcyclist, and also a football fanatic and a history graduate like myself has been with me since march 2015. Sara (Sarah), a hardcore feminist, mother, hippie and a high school history teacher joined the gang in March 2016 and brought in much needed diversity. In addition to the Free Walking Tour, we also run The Pubcrawl together and have a vast number of local friends willing to come with us every weekend on a Barcrawl to mingle with visitors for their own enjoyment. Finally there is Magnús, an economic historian who joined the team in the summer months of 2015. He is our expert running The “Walk-the-Crash” Tour which details The Financial History of Iceland with emphasis on the recent economical collapse in 2008. We emphasize the characteristics of our guides, a mixture of performers, mentors and stand up artists with solid educational background. We realize that our guides are representing a country, hence we choose our words carefully and show the utmost respect we can to everybody. Whilst still trying to walk the thin line of humor.


Today, CityWalk Ltd. receives over 1500 guests monthly year around. After few months in operation in 2014 we got listed as one of the top things to do in Iceland by Tripadvisor, GuidetoIceland, GoScandinavia, among endless travel bloggers. Our tours have been featured in Washington Post, Easy Jet in-flight magazine and the Daily Beast. We have a vast network of friends all over the world and we are a well-known brand locally in Iceland.

We offer various kinds of services and accommodate personal inquiries of all kinds. We have experience with tailor made Luxury Private Tours in and out of the city, hikes outside Reykjavík, driving on gravel and ice and even horseback riding tours. Organizing a wedding, stag or hen party, daytime activities, nightlife barcrawl and also beer tasting tours through micro breweries. If you think we are the ones you want to organize your day trip, Please check out the Private Tour we offer and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. CityWalk Ltd. is expanding, but yet will always hold on to the original classic free walking tour and the style of it.

If you want to read a Cindarella story on how a momma‘s boy came to be one of the most famous guides in Iceland and how my Reykjavik City Walk enterprise has evolved into being one of Iceland‘s best rated tourism companies, read the history of CityWalk Ltd. here

Your Guides

Our Fantastic Guides!

  • Marteinn Briem

    Martin started the company, and has been running it since day 1. He is usually doing the "Free" Classic tour, but also takes care of most private tour requests and other e-mail inquires as a general manager. His guided tours tend to be spiced up with much sarcasm and interaction with the crowd. You'll also find him to be very welcoming and considerate of the smaller ones in the crowd. Make sure you ask him about his political views and especially in terms of tourism and the new economy of Iceland.

  • Eiríkur Viljar H. Kúld

    Eric joined the CityWalk team in march 2015 and he immediately earned great reputation as good word of mouth spread around town over his delivery on the "Free" classic tour. He guides more people monthly than any other tour guide in Iceland. Passion and dedication shines through in his entertaining delivery. Additionally, he rarely puts on much clothes, satisfying girls and other homosexual guys on his tours very much! Ask Eric anything about sports in Iceland, he is a hardcore Liverpool fan!

  • Sara Hrund Einarsdóttir

    Sara joined the CityWalk gang in march 2016. Originally as a part time guide, but she liked the guidance so much that eventually she was obsessed with showing guests around town. She also works as a high school teacher in winter time but is all-in with CityWalk in the summer. Her smile and laughter is contagious and people generally find her to be our most interesting guide, being a mother of two children already! She is also a hardcore feminist which makes all questions about women's rights most welcome!

  • Magnús Helgason

    Magnús joined us in june 2015 with his own product, the Walk-the Crash tour. Magnús is also a freelance journalist and a teacher at the University of Bifröst. In addition to his working career, his education in history and economics makes him an ideal candidate to cover the Financial history of Iceland which he also does with a intelligent comic layout. Ask him about his participation in the Financial collapse and the aftermath of it, that's surely something to share!

  • Jóhannes Ingi Torfason

    Joe was recruited in december 2016. His background in entertainment, doing standup all over town in the past years, will be spotted at first encounter + his height. Joe has a degree in law which he feels is utterly useless for his future as a comedian. Thankfully for us, he is a history buff on the side which he doesn't find useless at all! Additionally he is originally born in the north of Iceland, in Skagafjörður. He can answer all questions on farm life in Iceland and especially anything related to horses!

  • Tómas Ingi Shelton

    Thomas finished his history degree in the winter of 2017 and immediately started the intense training program with CityWalk. Eventually ready to roll in February 2018. His background in history and having a father born in the US will make his words sound like a song in your ears. No worries about the eye-piercing Icelandic accent with this guy. Tom is deeply in love with Ping-Pong, both playing and coaching kids in his spare time. Through his half-american background, Tom is very detailed on the WWII and Post war period, make sure you ask him about the american base in Keflavík.

  • Þórdís Pétursdóttir

    Dísa had been working at the Tourist Information center of Reykjavík for many years, constantly recommending the "free" walking tour and joining herself a couple of times before she felt the urge to officially join the gang. She's got a degree in tourism from the University of Iceland and having studied overseas and lived in Germany & France definitely gives her a wide background for cultural comparison. She's also fascinated with CrossFit and all kinds of healthy food. You should really ask her about the Icelandic cuisine and how to survive as a vegetarian in Iceland.

  • Nanna Ottósdóttir

    Nanna finished her degree as an adventure guide in 2016 and started guiding glacier hikes and ice caving tours for a year before she decided to have a go at tours within the city. Previously she spent a year as a nomad getting lost in the big world. You'll find a warm aura as you meet her and a contagious laughter! She's a hardcore winter sports fanatic and frequently climbs glaciers just to snowboard down again, make sure to ask her for the best slopes all year around!