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Free Walking Tour Reykjavik

History and Culture Walk

The famous two hour walking tour focuses on the history of Iceland, the evolution of Reykjavík as a town and Icelandic culture in general, laid out in an informative and comic way by either Marteinn (Martin), Eiríkur (Eric), Sara (Sarah), Jóhannes (Joe) or Tómas (Tom) english speaking Icelanders and history majors. This tour has no fixed price, instead it runs on the great Free Walking Tour model found allover the world where each participant sets the price of the tour afterwards instead of in advance. As a result, the guide relies solely on your contribution and works hard for his share in the donations. The "Free" classic tour departs multiple times a day all year around. Occasionally on holidays we take a day off.

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The Pubcrawl

Guided Nightlife Tour

We pick the bars, you show up and spend as little or as much as you like. We've secured deals on the bars and the idea is that the price paid for the pub crawl comes back to you in discounted drinks. No one is forced to drink, and no shots or beverages are included in the price. The 20-30% discounts on the bars are well worth the price. We make a barswap every hour, visiting a total of three bars before heading to a nightclub where we dance into the night. A wristband is included, which gives you the deals in the bars and a line jump into the club throughout the night! Great company is guaranteed also! The Pubcrawl runs on weekends only when locals are heading out!
Price: 2500 ISK

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Top 10 best alternative tours in Europe by Guardian UK.

Walk the Crash

Financial History (Bank Crash in 2008)

This walking tour takes you through the causes and consequences of the collapse of the banking system in 2008. Magnús, an economic historian and expert in Icelandic financial history, will take you on a tour of some of the sights of the “financial miracle” of Iceland and the bank crash of 2008-9. Learn how and why Reykjavík aspired to become a global financial center, why the banks collapsed and why Iceland put bankers behind bars!
Price: 3500 ISK*
Walk-the-Crash runs 1-2 per week during winter. Times are flexible upon request and we encourage interested visitors to get in touch with their requested time.

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Running Tour

Explore Reykjavík on the Run!

Are you an experienced/enthusiastic runner? Did you bring your running shoes to Iceland, but not sure where to go for a nice run in Reykjavik?
The City Run is a scenic 7-8 kilometer/ca 5 mile run (or jog) that starts at Austurvollur. We run towards the domestic airport, explore the woodland trails of Oskjuhlid, up to Perlan (The Pearl), back downtown via the Church of Hallgrimur (yes, the one where everyone goes to take a selfie...), through some of the nicest neighboorhoods of Reykjavik, and back to Austurvollur.
Price: 3500 ISK/30 USD/30 EUR

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Tailor Made!

Private Tour

Exclusive Tours and Group Tours

Do you prefer more privacy for your group and more personal attention? We can tailor the walk to your needs. Include various stops on the walk, specific places of interest, sample food and drink etc. The options are endless. We've got vast experience in all sorts of walking tours.
Price 40.000 ISK*

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Our Partner Tours

Golden Circle Luxury Food Tour

Explore Iceland and Food

Delicacies included at every stop, rounded up with a 3 course luxury dinner in an authentic fishing village on the south coast

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CityWalk Ltd

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The CityWalk enterprise was established in the summer of 2014  but swiftly evolved into a very busy tour operator with more and more guests every month and additional staff every year. Today our main focus is still the “Free” classic tour, a unique free walking tour in Reykjavík which has frequently been featured in blogs, newspapers, TV and other social media. Furthermore, it is rated as the best tour in Iceland in terms of quality and price. Additionally we also run a pubcrawl, a tour on finance and receive various private inquiries. The flourishing company is represented by a team of very welcoming local guides which are highly praised on Tripadvisor for their professional delivery. Our guides are fully aware that they are representing a country, hence we choose our words carefully and show the utmost respect we can to everybody. Whilst still trying to walk the thin line of humor.

Looking forward to seeing you in Iceland!

The CityWalk team

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