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Yes we do! All the time! If you have a group already, look up
and please submit your enquiry through there.

The “Free” Classic tour departs every day except holidays. You will find your date open for bookings 4-5 days in advance. We do not accept bookings further in advance unless you are a group.

The “Free” Classic CityWalk runs 100% on donations from guests at the end of each tour to the guide. You pay whatever you feel like the tour was worth in any currency you prefer. Compare this tour to any other and set a fair price depending on how much you liked the tour and the guide‘s performance. (Each guide pays a part of the income to cover company’s expenses and VAT to the state. The rest is considered as his salary after income tax deduction. This is our full time job and how we make a living.

Send us an e-mail if you won’t be able to make a booking because of limited Internet access and we will try to help you out and possibly make an exception.

You are very welcome! But please let us know via the contact form instead of making multiple bookings. By doing so, you are most polite. We promptly reply with a positive answer, and ask you, as a representative of your group that everyone in your party is aware of how we run the tour.

Yes. Anything we can exchange is fine (USD, EUR, GBP, CAD + more). Ripped bills and coins are not exchangeable. CNY & SGD are not exchangeable in Iceland. You can also pay with a card at any time through here is your best option.

Another option is to ask a random hotel concierge to store your bag but make sure you offer a tip before the staff automatically refuses.

The closer you go to downtown, the harder it gets to find parking and additionally more expensive. P1 is most expensive, P2 and P3 are cheaper.
Take a look at this Parking guide of Reykjavík

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