CityWalk Ltd. operates the “Free” classic tour in Reykjavík. Everyone is welcome to pay to our guides at any time through the links below. Please name in comment which guide you toured with so the donation gets to the right person eventually.
All online donations and income from the “Free” classic tour are treated as payments for the tour and not gifts, in accordance to Icelandic rules where tipping is not a habit.

As mentioned on the tour,
1000 ISK is the price for a beer at the bar, 2000 ISK is the average admission to museums, and 3000 enough to buy flowers for mom 🙂

1.000 ISK (10 USD)1.500 ISK (15 USD)2.000 ISK (20 USD)2.500 ISK (25 USD)3.000 ISK (30 USD)3.500 ISK (35 USD)4.000 ISK (40 USD)4.500 ISK (45 USD)5.000 ISK (50 USD)5.500 ISK (55 USD)6.000 ISK (60 USD)7.000 ISK (80 USD)8.000 ISK (90 USD)9.000 ISK (90 USD)10.000 ISK (100 USD)12.000 ISK (120 USD)14.000 ISK (140 USD)16.000 ISK (160 USD)
18.000 ISK (180 USD)
20.000 ISK (200 USD)