Whale Watching

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Your whale watching adventure begins at Reykjavik´s Old Harbour, just minutes away from the city centre! Our boats offer great comfort, a fantastic interior, large outside viewing decks and a safe family environment. The friendly guides, along with the captain and crew, point out where to spot the whales and give interesting information about the different kinds of whales and seabirds you can expect to see.

We operate one of the largest AND also one of the fastest Whale Watching passenger boats in Iceland. We proudly follow IceWhale code of conduct to respect & protect the nature of Iceland.

WHALE WATCHING CLASSIC [ALL YEAR ROUND]: All aboard on one of the largest whale watching boats in Iceland! Fantastic inside and outside areas with plenty of space for everyone and a café & souvenir shop on board! This tour has an educational & interactive focus!

WHALE WATCHING EXPRESS [1st May – 30th Sep]: Join our fast and luxurious boat, which will get you to the whale watching grounds in only 20-30 minutes! Perfectly built for whale watching with a high cruising speed, great fun for the adventurous!

Classic – All year round (3-3.5 hours)
Departs at:

09:00 1st Mar-31st Oct
13:00 All year round
17:00 15th May- 15th Sep

Express from 1st May – 30th Sep (2-2.5 hours)
Departs at
10:00 &14:00 1st May-30th Sep
21:00 15th June – 31st July

What’s included:
– Guided boat tour
– Free ticket to try again in case of no sightings!
– Educational & Interactive focus (on CLASSIC tour)
– Warm floatable overalls provided for your comfort & safety
– Wi-Fi, Café and Souvenirs on board
– WC´s on board

What to bring:
– Warm clothes
– Good footwear
– Camera

Price: see below
Duration: 3-3,5 hours (Express 2-2,5 hours)
Availability: See schedule below
Guidance: English (German available as a second language on the CLASSIC tour; 09:00/13:00/17:00)

Please have a read through our terms & conditions

Whales of Faxaflói Bay
The whales that we can spot on our tours on Faxaflói Bay are mainly 4 types – Minke Whales, White-Beaked Dolphins, Harbour Porpoises and Humpback Whales. The guide will help you spot them on the tour and we ask that you help us as well!

Sometimes they come close and sometimes they are further away. We make sure that we respect their habitats and try to let them approach us if they want to.

We have seen other types of whales on the bay, such as Killer Whales (Orca), Fin Whales, Baskin Sharks, Pilot Whales – they are not regular guests on Faxaflói Bay, but we never know who is going to greet us when we head out each day!

What if the weather is not favourable?
The tour is dependant on weather and sightings can not be guaranteed.

Weather and sea conditions can be unpredictable during the winter months. Boat captains will make their decision to sail based on many years of experience, always keeping in mind passenger safety and comfort.

We can never guarantee sightings on our tours

We follow IceWhale code of conduct for responsible whale watching as we have great respect for the wildlife on the bay. We let the animals approach us and keep our distance so that we do not disturb their daily routine.

Sometimes in the winter we might sail from other harbours south of Reykjavik for better sea conditions, in which case we provide transport for all our passengers to and from Reykjavik, therefore the tour might be slightly longer due to the extra drive.


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