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Small group CityWalk

The VIP CityWalk is a 2.5 hour walking tour in a small group designed especially for those who wish to get a more personal touch to their day in Reykjavik. The walk itself starts at the highest point in Reykjavík at the iconic Hallgrímskirkja and is all downhill from there! We pass by the most famous landmarks in Reykjavík. For example Harpa concert hall and Rainbow street (Skólavörðustígur). You’ll also see some of Reykjavík’s best hidden street art as we introduce you to local habits, do’s and dont’s. You’ll get the history of Iceland in a nutshell as well as recommendations on restaurants, bars and museums. The idea is to lay the foundation for the ideal trip to Iceland or to wrap up a journey of a lifetime with answers to the questions that have arisen during your stay. By the end of the walk, you’ll have a local friend and you’ve felt like you’ve seen the city in a different light.

The VIP tour is a perfect alternative for those who are worried about the “Free” Tour being too crowded. On average we have 6-8 people per tour. We sell up to twelve slots on the VIP tour, but occasionally due to re-schedules or extra children the group it can expand. On the other hand, we reserve the right to cancel the tour if a minimum number of passengers on the tour isn’t reached. In such case, you will be notified with at least 24 hr notice.

  • Price: 4980 ISK
  • 2 - 2.5 hours
  • Start: Hallgrímskirkja
  • Finish: Austurvöllur
  • Dates: All year around
  • Wheelchair Accessible


Upon finishing the walking tour, we offer the option to drop you off at one of our favourite restaurants in downtown with an included meal. The restaurants are offering us a small discount in exchange for the traffic and we offer you the same discount. To earn the discount you must book the extra beforehand. The possible options are detailed in a tab further below.

Please note that each extra is served at a different restaurant, the speciality of each spot.

You will find your guide at Hallgrímskirkja, next to a statue of a viking, Leifur Eiríksson. Click here for google maps location
We are easy to find, clothing marked the CityWalk logo.

Famous sites covered on this tour:
Parliament building, The Concert Hall Harpa, The Old Harbor, Hallgrímskirkja, lake Tjörnin and the City Hall. Along with plenty of non-touristy sites.
Our guests are encouraged to visit the tower of Hallgrímskirkja before the start of the tour, which is just in front.

You may request a specific time to be added to our VIP walk time schedule if you already reach the minimum number of guests and want the company of a few others instead of many on the “free” tour. We would also like to point out the option to book a private walking tour, starting from your accommodation at any time you please.

1. The Famous Icelandic Hot dog, includes gluten. Choose from toppings: ketchup, may, mustard, onions

2. Vegan meal, soup & Dahl. Our friends grow everything locally

3. Lamb Soup. The traditional iceland Lamb soup has been keeping us warm for generations

4. Panfried Arctic Charr or Salmon, may contain nuts. Only available on weekdays for lunch.

5. The Controversial plate. All legal in Iceland but not commonly eaten. Including a sample of Horse Carpaccio, Smoked Puffin, lightly grilled Minke Whale and Cured Arctic Charr. Small portions of each, but one platter can be shared with two persons.


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