Month: November 2017

Beer Mitten

Knitting needles: 4,5mm and 6mm Crochet needle: 5mm Yarn: Álafosslopi 100g (bulky/12ply weight) Sizes: S/M/L Cast on 22/24/26 stitches and join in the round with 4,5mm needles, and knit 5-7cm (the mittens in the picture have roughly 6cm ribbling). When you’ve finished the ribbing change to 6mm needles and use stocking stitch, yo on each… Read more »

Elf Stone

This picture was taken during one of our first CityWalks in 2014. Sadly, later the same summer the sign was removed. We are not sure who did it and why, but the City installed a few new ones, green in color in the following summer of 2015. Sadly the new signs didn’t include the story… Read more »