Icelandic Food – Must try

Icelandic Food to try!

The Icelandic lamb – Roams free from spring until autumn when they are slaughtered. Easy to find in any decent restaurant and also in supermarkets. labelled as “Lambakjöt” in Icelandic, the best part being the “fillet” and second best being “lærissneiðar” – from the leg.

Skyr – Milk product, comes with lots of flavour options from many companies. Similar to Greek yogurt I’ve heard. Full of protein.

The minke whale – “Hrefna” in Icleandic or Hrefnukjöt. Available in many restaurants and supermarkets allover downtown. Please be aware of what you are eating. Very rarely eaten by locals these days because of the controversy of whaling. Whaling has been internationally prohibited because of the inhuman method of killing whales. We cook it for seconds only on a grill and almost eat it raw.

The Fermented Shark – Fish shops sell it and supermarkets. Smelling is usually enough to keep one off. Can also be found in the Flea market open on weekends. One of those disgusting things you can find in Iceland and must try.

Icelandic Salmon – World‘s best! You can get it raw in supermarkets, fish shops and restaurants. I like it fried on a pan with a touch of lemon pepper.

Lýsi or Dropi Fish oil – The Icelandic fish oil, usually we have a spoonfill every morning. This is what keeps us healthy and gorgeous according to the legend. (which is true).

Harðfiskur – dried fish, you can find it in supermarkets and fish shops. Very popular with butter and the classic snack in Iceland.

Kleina – The Icelandic doughnut. Looks in a way like a bread croissant. Check this out in the nearest bakery or a supermarket.

Flatkaka með Hangikjöti – Flatcake with Hanging Meat (smoked lamb) You can only get this combo in supermarkets and it’s great to bring for a snack between meals.

Ram’s testicles – No need to describe it any further, it’s one of those weird things we had in the past in february, the worst winters when we had nothing to live off. Its only available in stores around Þorri season (jan-february)

Sheep’s head – Looks disgusting, smells disgusting and is disgusting. Its only available in stores around Þorri season (jan-february)

Traditional lamb soup – Soup with leftovers of lamb meat along with vegetables served really warm in a soup. Delicious!

Fish – The Icelandic cuisine will always be known for it’s fish. Average family has fish 1-2 per week today but it used to be a lot more frequent on dinner tables. There is no real fish market in Iceland, all the fish goes through fish merchants that are located in every neighbourhood.


Local beers are plenty, most common are “Thule”, “Viking” or “Egils Gull” You’ll find plenty of bars offering Icelandic types of beer from draft and bottles. You can only buy drinks with more than 2% alcohol from liquor stores called Vínbúðin, see locations here

“Ópal” and “Tópas” – Local shots with liqurish taste that you have to try late at night. Those are just awesome. Quentin Tarantino absolutely nails it with Conan O’Brien see here

Brennivín – The old disgusting strong beverage, translated to Black Death. Used to be had with the fermented shark. Seriously stay away from this one 😉

Kókómjólk – Who doesn’t love chocolate milk? This is the best one you can find and it is very cheap in supermarkets.

The Icelandic water – of course! Drink as you like anywhere you want. Did you know that Elliðará runs through Reykjavik and is full of fish, kids swim in the river during the summer and its pure, clean and safe to drink.

Appelsín – the icelandic awesome fanta

Malt – No alcohol, but tastes like a beer in a way. Always mixed with Appelsín around christmas