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Free Walking Tour Reykjavik

History and Culture Walk

The famous two hour walking tour focuses on the history of Iceland, the evolution of Reykjavík as a town and Icelandic culture in general, laid out in an informative and comic way by either Marteinn (Martin), Eiríkur (Eric) or Sara (Sarah) english speaking Icelanders and history majors. This tour has no fixed price, instead it runs on the great Free Walking Tour model found allover the world where each participant sets the price of the tour afterwards instead of in advance. As a result, the guide relies solely on your contribution and works hard for his share in the donations. The "Free" classic tour departs daily all year around often twice a day. Occasionally on holidays we take a day off. Info & Booking
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The Pubcrawl

Guided Nightlife Tour

We pick the bars, you show up and spend as little or as much as you like. We've secured deals on the bars and the idea is that the price paid for the pub crawl comes back to you in discounted drinks. No one is forced to drink, and no shots or beverages are included in the price. The 20-30% discounts on the bars are well worth the price. We start at a bar which is only given up via e-mail, and visit a new bar every 45 minutes before ending in a nightclub where we dance into the night. Without having to worry about an entrance fee or a line to wait in. Great company is guaranteed also! The Pubcrawl runs once or twice a week, usually on Fridays and Saturdays.
Price: 2500 ISK Info & Booking
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Walk the Crash

Financial History (Bank Crash in 2008)

This walking tour takes you through the causes and consequences of the collapse of the banking system in 2008. Magnús, an economic historian and expert in Icelandic financial history, will take you on a tour of some of the sights of the “financial miracle” of Iceland and the bank crash of 2008-9. Learn how and why Reykjavík aspired to become a global financial center, why the banks collapsed and why Iceland put bankers behind bars!
Price: 3500 ISK*
Walk-the-Crash runs 1-2 per week during winter. Times are flexible upon request and we encourage interested visitors to get in touch with their requested time.
Info & Booking
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Private Tour

Exclusive Tours and Group Tours

Do you prefer more privacy for your group and more personal attention? We can tailor the walk to your needs. Include various stops on the walk, specific places of interest, sample food and drink etc. The options are endless. We've got vast experience in all sorts of walking tours.
Price 40.000 ISK*
Exclusive VIP jeep excursion is also an option. We will take you to unique places in high comfort vehicle with a private guide.
Price 140.000 ISK* Info & Booking

CityWalk Ltd.

Your guides and our role

Free City Walk was launched by me, Marteinn (Martin), on may 7th 2014 and I‘m still guiding full time. Occasionally private or group tours but usually The “Free” Classic Tour. Eiríkur (Eric) a good trusted friend, backpacking motorcyclist, and also a football fanatic and a history graduate like myself has been with me since march 2015. Sara (sarah), a hardcore feminist, mother, hippie and a high school history teacher joined the gang in March 2016 and brought in much needed diversity. In addition to the Free Walking Tour, we also run The Pubcrawl together and have a vast number of local friends willing to come with us every weekend on a Barcrawl to mingle with visitors for their own enjoyment. Finally there is Magnús, an economic historian who joined the team in the summer months of 2015. He is our expert running The “Walk-the-Crash” Tour which details The Financial History of Iceland with emphasis on the recent economical collapse in 2008.We emphasize the characteristics of our guides, a mixture of performers, mentors and stand up artists with solid educational background. We realize that our guides are representing a country, hence we choose our words carefully and show the utmost respect we can to everybody. Whilst still trying to walk the thin line of humor.

Today, CityWalk Ltd. receives over 1500 guests monthly year around. After few months in operation in 2014 we got listed as one of the top things to do in Iceland by Tripadvisor, GuidetoIceland, GoScandinavia, among endless travel bloggers. Our tours have been featured in Washington Post, Easy Jet in-flight magazine and the Daily Beast. We have a vast network of friends all over the world and we are a well-known brand locally in Iceland.

We offer various kinds of services and accommodate personal inquiries of all kinds. We have experience with tailor made Luxury Private Tours in and out of the city, hikes outside Reykjavík, driving on gravel and ice and even horseback riding tours. Organizing a wedding, stag or hen party, daytime activities, nightlife barcrawl and also beer tasting tours through micro breweries. If you think we are the ones you want to organize your day trip, Please check out the Private Tour we offer and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. CityWalk Ltd. is expanding, but yet will always hold on to the original classic free walking tour and the style of it.

If you want to read a Cindarella story on how a momma‘s boy came to be one of the most famous guides in Iceland and how my Reykjavik City Walk enterprise has evolved into being one of Iceland‘s best rated tourism companies, read the history of CityWalk Ltd. here


Looking forward to seeing you in Iceland!
The CityWalk Team

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